Property Sales and Registration Fee

Unique Property Agencies Limited (UPA) makes a single registration fee of £250 which is to ensure that your property details are correctly registered in accordance with the information you provide and displayed on the UPA web site for a period of one year.  There is an additional fee of £50 should you wish to have your property allocated Feature Status in which case it will, along with other Feature Properties appear at the beginning of any properties for sale on the Property Page and will also feature on the Home Page Feature Property window.

This is a single payment for a period of one year and can be renewed after that time has elapsed.  Should you sell your property through Unique Property Agencies Limited then this fee will be refunded in full through a credit to your sales fee.

Our sales fees are agreed on a property by property basis as the Unique nature of the properties we sell makes it impossible to determine a simple one fee suits all policy and we strive to ensure that each property is given the exposure it requires and our staff will utilise our extensive data base of clients who are seeking a property that fits your unique sales requirements whether a Scottish Island, a nuclear bunker or Napoleonic Fort.

In the first instance please contact our office and speak to one of our team about your specific property and your requirements.