Who We Are

The Unique Property Agency may be a new name to the market in 2016 but it has a pedigree that is second to none and we aim to live up to our strap line, Unique Property for Unique People

The Unique Property Agency has evolved from very serious and unique roots, having its seed back in 1987, when Russ McLean and a staunch band of enthusiasts launched the paper format publication called the Unique Property Bulletin (UPB). This magazine was transferred to an online version in 2011.

UPB is arguably the leading national, possibly international unique property web site. It is free to read and over the years has been instrumental in helping many hundreds, if not thousands of clients find their dream and truly unique property from nuclear bunkers to private islands, castles to railways stations and lighthouses to windmills. UPB is a not-for-profit publication and as such has, and will continue to provide the very best information, articles and news on unique properties throughout the UK.


Why the Unique Property Agency?

An ever increasing number of readers were making contact with Unique Property Bulletin and asking the organisation to act as a estate agent in directly facilitating either the sale, or purchase of their property through UPB. As a free and not-for-profit organisation this was simply outwith the rules that govern the company. However, after much haranguing by loyal and enthusiastic readers we decided to create the Unique Property Agency, a nationwide service to unique property buyers and sellers in the form of a new, dedicated real-estate brokerage. The purpose of the Unique Property Agency is to match what it says in the title: unique property for unique people. The estate agency will be dedicated to all UPB clients, past, present and future who want to buy or sell through a specialist estate agency that is committed to, and understands all things unique in the property world.

We have learnt from day one that unique properties are owned by unique people. We strive to know our clients, many of whom have become friends, understand their property needs, explore why they bought, and what makes it unique to them. For example, as you look out from the top of a lighthouse with a spectacular view, the appeal of that property becomes self-evident. We also look beyond this and want to understand why you bought, why it works as a house and what it adds to your life and enjoyment of living and then convey this passion to our clients.  We like to think of it as property dating and our wish is to make it a mutually wonderful experience.

Our database is large and unique and we know we can find a partner for your property whether buying or selling.

In this we are delighted to be able to continue our links with the Unique Property Bulletin and all the specialist sites to be found on our Friends Page.  We are also happy to bring in an old friend of UPB – Alastair Ross, a  chartered architect, who will head up the Unique Property Agency.  Alastair has over 40 years experience in the architectural and property market and brings expert knowledge from first-hand experience in unique property projects for his family and an array of clients, joint ventures and syndicates. Alastair can offer a vast wealth of knowledge and guidance in how to get started, buy, design and manage, through to funding options for those seeking to buy unique property. He remains actively involved in the unique property market and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge for the use of those seeking to buy, or sell a home of the unusual vernacular.

The Unique Property Agency is also fortunate to be affiliated to Lourdes Estate Agents in London. The Lourdes agency has many years of professional knowledge in all matters relating to property transactions, property finance and other relevant areas such as lettings and management.

Unique Property Agency believes it is the UK’s first niche agent and looks forward to making your unique home owning dreams come true.


Company Information

t/a Unique Property Agency
Company number SC504906

Registered office address:
Harbour Cottage
Shore Street, Helmsdale
Sutherland, Scotland, KW8 6JZ